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Clothing and Accessories
.tsg. @The Arcade 
.tsg. Nurse Sugar - Cap Pink
.tsg. Nurse Sugar - Medic Kit
.tsg. Nurse Sugar - Sickly Beary
.tsg. Nurse Sugar - Stethoscope
.tsg. Nurse Sugar - Syringe
.tsg. Nurse Sugar - Uniform Pink RARE
~isil~ @The Arcade 
~isil~ *Science!* Lab Bench (Shelf) RARE
~isil~ *Science!* Test Tube Rack COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Graduated Cylinder (Filled) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Erlenmeyer Flask (Filled) COMMON
~isil~ *Science!* Research Station RARE
dust bunny . cat computers . boxed . rezz & touch
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